Business is in high growthHigh growth businesses servicing high demand industries face increasing challenges in finding qualified talent. Worldwide Staffing Exchange is the leading multi-industry agency to provide comprehensive staffing solutions. At WWSE our mission is to assist companies in meeting the growing needs both of companies and job candidates. Our team of recruitment outsource specialists have expertise in searching for and assessing the right candidate with exemplary skills, and the ability to match them to our client's requirements. We have qualified and trained Personnel Consultants, Executive Coaches and Mentors, Accountants, Contract Specialists, Paralegals, Administrative Assistants, Project Managers, Technical Writers, Contract Specialists, Systems Administrators, Web Developers,Telecommunication Engineers and much more.

Contract-to-hire and Direct Hire Placement

Because employers rely on search firms to improve productivity and reduce hiring costs we offer contract-to-hire and direct hire placement services for our clients. An added plus is that we offer the lowest fees in the industry. Worldwide Staffing Exchange takes a humane approach to staffing and is employee-focused and team driven, therefore to ensuring a client optimum performance. We have created an array of career development options for our employees, which provides a catalyst for high performance and productivity, therefore enabling them to pursue a rewarding career that will sustain a healthy working environment.

Prescreen Assessments and Skills Training

Webcam Interviewing

Webcam interviewingComing Soon: Webcam Interviewing for your Convenience!

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art interviewing feature. This virtual feature is the perfect solution for a candidate that is planning to relocate and seek employment in another city or country which reduces travel costs and commuting time. Moreover, this robust web-based application proves to be an added asset for the employer to making sound hiring decisions.

We select the right talent for your vacancies while saving your most valuable resources- time and money! You can view several videos simultaneously without having to screen candidates one at a time. You can select candidates randomly even before seeing them in person. This would eliminate an extra step before choosing a candidate for a vacancy. If you are interested and would like to know more about this feature click here to register!

Background Screenings

We perform rigorous background screenings to ensure that you get the best qualified candidate.


We offer our candidates comprehensive industry specific skills assessment exams to evaluate their current skill level for accurate placement in either entry-level or advanced career positions.

Training Programs

 Employee Professional Development and Training

We offer our candidates professional development and training opportunities to improve their skills in the areas of allied health, office automation and light industrial to name a few.  We seek to expand our services to various industry markets located in the region and eventually the world.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring Programs for Managers

We at Worldwide Staffing Exchange exclusively coach current and aspiring executive managers, and supervisors in the federal government. We believe that a systematic approach in executive coaching can assist an individual to enhance their work performance,  therefore improving their personal and professional development. Our executive coaching methodologies can train managers to be world class leaders in the federal sector.

  Quality Candidates

Worldwide Staffing Exchange recognizes that a mismatch of employees skills and career motivation can adversely impact your bottom line! So that in mind, we have a diversified pool of highly qualified candidates available to work at the client's request. Our candidates are thoroughly prescreened to ensure that their skills meet the expectations of our customers.

We place construction workers, food service preparers, housekeepers, warehousers and more. Our staffing strategies ensures our client's that the potential employee is trained and skilled to perform the necessary duties of the job.

Service Fees

Why a Service Fee?

We are committed to finding qualified talent through testing, interviewing and selection in less time. This method will ensure the selection of qualified candidates to accurately fit your staffing needs. Through our extensive prescreening process we can eliminate lost productivity and minimize hiring costs.

Staffing Programs

Contract-to-Hire, Interview skillsRetainer and Contingency Fee Policies

We offer flexible payment plans that easily accommodate your budget. Fees are on a contingency or retainer basis, which are payable only after the candidate is hired directly into a permanent position. The service fees are calculated during the employee's first twelve months of employment as a percentage of the gross income, that includes commissions, bonuses and incentives to be earned by the employee.

Temporary Placement Services

We offer qualified talent to meet your staffing needs. Our associates are trained to provide you with optimum performance.  We reduce labor costs and increase productivity through our effective staffing programs. This method enables an employer as well as the employee to assess whether the working relationship will be a good fit.


 You may hire the employee after 3 months of continuous full-time employment or you can decide to hire the employee sooner for a conversion fee of 15% of the annualized compensation of the employee.

Direct Hire

You can hire a pre-screened candidate directly from WWSE  for a service fee of 15% of the annualized compensation of the employee.


Our Guarantee

Worldwide Staffing Exchange agrees to find a replacement candidate if for any reason that the employee is unsatisfactory, or terminates his or her position of employment prior to 30 days. For direct hire placements if Worldwide Staffing Exchange is unable to find a replacement the client will be refunded 1/3 of the direct hire service fee. In the event that the replacement employee leaves prior to 30 days then the Client will pay the full price for a new search. Please note that the guarantee is not enforced if the employer has insufficient work for the employee.  All invoices for direct hire must be paid upon receipt for gurantee to apply.


Contract Renewal

The contract automatically renews unless terminated.


Fee Options - Promotional  offer on Conversion Fees Limited Time Only!

The following payment plans are for your convenience:

  • With a retainer agreement a portion of the service fee will be rendered upon time of service. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of service invoice.

  • For a contingency agreement payment is due in full once the employment commences employment with the company.

  • For a contract-to-hire fees are invoiced weekly and due upon receipt, with delinquency occuring after (30) days with an interest rate of 10% per month.

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