We know you rely on search firms to save time and reduce hiring costs. So let us help with our direct-hire placement services!  details...

Direct Hire PlacementLOW SERVICE FEES

We offer some of the lowest fees in the industry! We are committed to finding qualified talent through prescreening, interviewing and selection in less time.  details...


We have qualified and trained personnel in the following market segments business administration, education, healthcare, office automation, financial and more...  details...


We provide light industrial workers with exceptional skills who are dedicated to provide you with superior service.  details...


We have motivated and talented individuals who want to join your team! We offer competitive wages.  details...


High growth businesses serving high demand industries face increasing challenges in finding qualified talent. Worldwide Staffing Exchange, LLC is the leading multi-industry agency to provide comprehensive staffing solutions. At Worldwide Staffing Exchange our mission is to assist companies in meeting the growing needs both of companies and job candidates.

RecruitmentOur team of recruitment outsource specialists have expertise in searching for and assessing the right candidate with exemplary skills, and the ability to match them to our client's requirements. We specialize in the following market segments Information Technology, Acquisition Logistics, Human Reources, Organizational Design, Labor Relations, Dispute Resolution, Professional Development and  Training, Mentoring Programs, Education, Legal,  Allied Health, Light Industrial, Clerical,  Financial and more.

We have successfuly placed 90% of our employees on federal, state and local government contracts.  Our employees hold active clearances and are ready to work. (details)

There is an increasing demand for quality talent in today's market and employers, more than ever before, rely on search firms to build valuable work teams, improve productivity and reduce hiring costs.

We provide our client's with contract to-hire and direct hire placement services. The focal point is to place candidates in permanent positions. Our recruiting and staffing methods ensures a pool of higher quality candidates which minimizes turnover. An added plus is that we offer the lowest service fees in the industry, which will accommodate your budget.

Worldwide Staffing Exchange takes a humane and effective approach to staffing and is employee-focused and team driven, delivering optimum performance. We have created an array of career development resources for our employees which provides a catalyst for high performance and efficiency. Thus, our career coaching component allows the candidate to pursue a rewarding career with WSE clients.

InterviewOne of the most popular components is a web-based tool used to develop candidates presentation and interviewing skills. This virtual feature is the perfect solution for a candidate who is planning to relocate and seek employment in another city or country, which will reduce travel costs and save commuting time. Offered as an added benefit for participating employers, this robust web-based application also allows for the review, screening and selection of candidates remotely. This makes for, quick, decisive hiring decisions that reduce human resource management time.

Finally, for the prospective employee, our career transition program will allow the candidate to explore new career options, address job dissatisfaction, displacement and match them with a more desirable occupation in line with their talents and skills.

Good relationsOur vision is to cultivate strategic and exciting relationships between tomorrow's workforce and today's employers to meet the needs of both. Worldwide Staffing Exchange will expand globally into the virtual channel one step at a time.

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